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I express my artistic work through the body, within a poetic space grounded in the present moment, where visual and performative languages, meditative practices, and real-life exercises converge and engage in dialogue. I question the notions of inhabiting and moving through socio-political territories, examining the relationship between my body and other bodies, narrating intimate stories within specific geographic and temporal contexts. I strive to comprehend time in a nonlinear manner, placing trust in and experimenting with the organicity that arises from the interplay of mind, body, and energy.

This exploration extends beyond the realm of the self and delves into the public and collective spheres, transcending gender and establishing person-to-person connections.

There are two main axes in my artistic process: performance and photography, with a recent inclusion of social art.

These avenues of expression allow me to delve into the psychology of color, drawing inspiration from Goethe's theories on the unconscious perception of color experienced by human beings.

This interest has grown into a necessity for experimentation and research within my work. Additionally, I am fascinated by the concept of time and its ability to accentuate our journey through specific spaces. Consequently, a defining aspect of my work is the real-time experience of moving through space, which leaves traces or imprints as extensions of my body—genuine and unique manifestations of that specific Self. I capture fragments of different moments to achieve the continuity of a point along a divergent line, thus shaping a parallel, virtual body that can be inhabited by a collective identity, actively engaging the spectator. I mirror the realms of photography and the intangible nature of performance, visually approximating the reality of the present moment with a click or real hour.


I have a keen interest in exploring the transition from private to public spaces through my actions, disrupting the predictable flow of time and relocating artworks to unexpected places to share parallel temporalities with the spectator, reflecting on materials through repetitive acts, occasionally referencing my own artistic practice, though primarily incorporating elements from Oriental cinema.

Currently, my search and focus is based on the reaction of my body exposed to other animal bodies, particularly in the context of life and death to explore political reference rooted in the reality of my country, enabling me to criticize the power dynamics within the state and the prevalence of Macho culture.

I have named myself an action device, taking performance beyond its  origins private limits.

My body serves as a political instrument that activates the engagement of communities throughout a social sculpture, generating negotiations between said communities and the state.


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